BBLab PH Massage Gel Pro

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A wipe-off facial massage gel, designed for beauty salons, which allows the benefits of our Placenta Extract to be better experienced. The gel is scented with a gentle but long-lasting lavender and roman chamomile fragrance, and contains placenta and plankton extract, helping give skin a sense of translucency.

How to use:
1. After washing the face and applying lotion, take a suitable amount of gel in the hand, and use both palms to spread it across the whole face and the neck, before slowly and gently massaging it into the skin in downward and outward circular motions using the tips of the fingers. (For around 5-10 minutes)
2. Next, wipe off the gel using a wet wipe or by dabbing gently with tissue paper, and then rinse using warm water.
3. After using the massage gel, apply Placenta Extract and lotion to the face.

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