Daycell MBA Scalp & Hair Treatment Tonic 150ml Anti Hair Loss

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The hair repair and nourishing lotion launched in Korea, recommended by many Korean stars, uses 9 kinds of licensed Kampo extracts. The ingredients are natural and help to solve hair loss.

Main ingredients:
12% containing 9 kinds of Kampo components for scalp and hair repair (ginseng, licorice, peppermint, mulberry bark, sunset arborvitae, cocklebur, calamus, nine-jiecao, medlar extract), houttuynia cordata 7%, perilla leaves 3.5%, green tea 3.5%.

It not only provides concentrated nutrition to the hair roots and scalp, but also strengthens the hair roots and increases the thickness of the hair. Regulates and balances scalp sebum secretion, provides nutrition and moisture, and can also be used for sensitive scalp.

How to use:
1. First of all, it seems that after washing your hair, you can completely dry your hair
2. After shaking well, spray directly on the scalp and massage the scalp with your fingers
3. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a day

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