DHC Heavy Eater's Enzyme Supplement for Dogs - 60 Tablets

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One-chan compensate for the difficult enzymes that take in everyday meals, support the digestion and absorption. Meal will back up the health of the prone dog bias.
Taste is the chicken and pork flavor pleased the dog. The timing of giving is recommended after a meal.

Plant fermentation extract powder [indigestible dextrin, plant fermentation extract (oligosaccharides, brown sugar, apples, brown rice, oysters, Vitis coignetiae, peaches, sweet corn, kiwi, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, soy, cabbage, hijiki, kelp, bananas , pineapple, watermelon, prince melon, Netherlands strawberries, plums, fruit of the mulberry, Yamagumi, Yamaichigo, prunes, mugwort, strawberries, grapes, mandarin orange, yuzu, shiso, pumpkin, litchi, radish, Inutouki, spinach, kale, barley young leaves, Jew , kumquat, shiitake mushrooms, rice bran, lemon, cocoa, fungus, seaweed, Fucus, root kelp, blueberries, cucumbers, Akebia, bayberry, Mallotus japonicus, plantain, striped bamboo, horsetail, loquat leaves, maitake, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, celery, pears , Pima , Bitter gourd, bok choy, plum, lotus root, turmeric, iyokan, vitamin greens, figs, burdock, ginger, Chinese quince, parsley, asparagus, parsley, raspberry, Mitsuba, Zingiber mioga, gummy, black berry, winter strawberries), brewer's yeast, grain fermentation extract powder (grain fermentation extract, maltodextrin), cereal malt (barley, millet, barnyard grass, millet, Takakibi, purple black rice, rice flour), pig liver extract powder, chicken extract powder, pork extract powder, cellulose, fine dioxide (including some of the raw wheat) silicon, stearic acid Ca


5kg less than: 1 grain
Less than 5~10kg: 2 tablets
Less than 10~20kg: 3 tablets
20kg and over: 4 tablets


Some unusually If you notice, discontinue salary, please consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Pregnancy, lactation, poor physical condition, the dogs are taking the medicine or in hospital, please give on your consult your veterinarian.

Please keep in the place where pets and out of the reach of children.
After opening close the firm opened mouth, please give as soon as possible.

Since this product is using the natural materials, there may be a slight difference in color tone occurs. This is because you do not have to adjust the color, there is no problem with the component content and quality. In addition, there is a case where the color is changed by the storage conditions, but there is no problem in quality.

Please do not give to animals other than dogs and in humans and dogs, it requires different nutrients.

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