Shiseido Elixir Advanced Skin Primer w/ Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++

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Elixir Advanced Aging Care. A skin finisher with three effects on adult skin.
Apply at the end of skin care in the morning to protect your skin from the external environment such as dryness, UV rays and dust.

In addition, it has a makeup base effect that prevents makeup from collapsing and a tone-up effect that makes the skin look brighter.

With some ingenuity in the morning, it leads to shining skin all day long. A gentle floral scent that fills your heart.
SPF50 + / PA ++++

* Aging care is age-appropriate moisturizing care.

How to use:
Since it is a two-layer type, shake it well before using it.
In the morning, at the end of care, take 1 pearl grain on the palm as a guide and apply it to the entire face.
(You can then use the foundation.)
* If the amount used is small, a sufficient UV protection effect cannot be obtained.

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