John's Blend Electric Aroma Diffuser

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Aroma diffuser

Package size:
W100 x D100 x H220 mm
Outer dimensions:
Approximately diameter 92 x height 155 mm
Body weight:
Approximately 360g (excluding AC adapter)
Power supply used:
Dedicated AC adapter included
AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Power cord length:
Approximately 150 cm
Rated power consumption:
12W [Operation mode]
Approximately 7 to 9 hours
Approximately 14 to 18 hours

* Spray time varies depending on the usage environment.

Automatic OFF timer: 60 minutes, 120 minutes
Aroma spray method: Ultrasonic vibration humidification method
Water tank capacity: Approximately 150 ml
LED bulb used: Light part, switch part

* You can enjoy it with the light off and only the mist, or with the mist turned off and only the light. *

This unit is an aroma diffuser that applies the principle of an ultrasonic humidifier. Please note that it does not have the humidifying capacity of a full-scale humidifier.

* The image is just a product image. Please note that the colors and specifications may differ from the actual product.

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