Motemaslim 48 Tablet

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  • A health supplement that aids a healthier lifestyle.
    Includes dietry fiber for detox benefits and ‘aojiru’ for those with a deficit of their daily vegetable intake.
  • It includes 100 billion lactic acid for a healthy balance of probiotics in your body.
    The fermented and living enzymes helps to support your exercise routine to get maximum results.

1. Dietry Fibers Psyllium husk (king of fiber) & Inulin (water soluable) for the best results

2. ‘Aojiru’ a mix of greens
Green Barley (Vitamin C x 4, Dietry Fiber x 10, Vitamin E x 10 and Calcium x 4)
Kale (Vitamin, Mineral & Dietry Fiber)

3. 140 types of fermented extracts + Living Enzyme

4. 56 types of vegetables, 30 types of fruits, 16 types of grains, 30 types of herbs, and 8 types of seaweeds

100 billion lactic acid for a daily dosage (equivalent to 10 cups of yoghurt)

14.4g (48 tablets)

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