Nov III Milky Lotion 80ml

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NOV III MILKY LOTION smoothly applies to the skin and effectively treats rough or dry skin with moisture.
The NOV III series is made up of low-stimulation, high-moisturizing cosmetics with a focus on strengthening the skin's natural moisture barrier. These cosmetics revitalize and treat sensitive skin by balancing the skin's water, sebum, intercellular lipids and other natural moisturizing factors.

  • This is a moisturizing ceramide 3 (N-Stearoylphytosphingosine) combination to support the natural barrier function of the skin.
  • A combination of a skin protecting ingredients (squalane and soft lanolin fatty acid cholesterol) and moisturizing ingredients (sodium hyaluronate and α-glucosy glycerol) to protect and boost the skin's natural barrier function 
  • No fragrance or color additives; low stimulation formula
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