ReFa Carat Ray Face

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Platinum-coated and waterproof, this multiangular facial roller is designed to help tighten and tone the look of skin for less visible puffiness and a firmer, more contoured and rejuvenated appearance. An extra-large solar panel embedded in the handle generates a powerful, soothing microcurrent.

For use on the cheeks, jawline, neck and décolletage.

Double Drainage* Rollers: Mid-size Double Drainage rollers replicate the deep kneading technique used by professional estheticians to help refine, firm and tone the skin’s appearance while releasing muscular tension in the face that can cause visible lines and puffiness.

Microcurrent: An extra-large solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a powerful, soothing microcurrent.

Platinum Coating: The surface of the rollers is coated in platinum to minimize irritation and extend their use over time.

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