ReFa Caxa Carat Ray

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由於大量的訂單, 廠商通知 Refa Caxa 產品將會在4月中旬 才能到貨,謝謝大家的理解,我們目前仍然接受預購, 收到商品後會立即發貨. 不便之處 敬請諒解

With its combination of micro-rollers and CAXA lines designed to scoop and knead your face, neck and décolletage from every angle, this waterproof, platinum-coated contouring tool helps visibly reduce puffiness and distortion of the SMAS fascia for sharper-looking features.

For use on the cheeks, forehead, jawline, neck and décolletage.

Release Lift: Together, the Double Drainage* rollers and precisely-angled Seagull and Crescent CAXA lines replicate the friction, or scooping, and kneading methods of professional estheticians to help visibly reduce puffiness and fascial distortion for sharper, more enhanced-looking features.

Microcurrent: A solar panel converts available light into a very mild, soothing microcurrent.

Platinum Coating: The surfaces of the rollers and CAXA lines are coated in platinum to minimize irritation, resist tarnishing and extend use over time.

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