SPA Treatment NMN Stretch Eye Sheet Mask 60 sheets - 2021 New Edition

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  • Formulated with snake toxins (dipeptidodiamido); A sheet mask for partial care that gives your eyes and mouth that are easy to get dry wrinkles.
  • The popular ingredient NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) reaches deep into the skin (even to the stratum layer), giving you a refreshing skin.
  • Peptides (tecofluoroacetate tetradesil, aminobthilloyl valyl amino lactate), which has hyaluronic acid booster action to moisturize and fluff.
  • Uses a custom sheet with excellent adhesion and a shape. By pulling it up and pulling it up, you can expect a lift-up effect due to physical stretch.
  • Generous 30 uses per day for 2 Special care can be done every day.

Made in Japan

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