Swanicoco Mil-Ga-Li Cushion

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Whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection (SPF40/PA +++) Contains natural moisturizing ingredients including mineral water. Long Lasting & Soft Light Formulation.
Lightweight, moisturizing and covering power. Perfect defect coverage and natural skin tone. Long-term coverage without clutter. Natural foil to express natural skin tone.
  • Immaculate skin look: Flour (100ppm) contains soft skin care and skin tone correction to make your skin smooth.
  • Fresh, non-stick cover: It adheres smoothly to greasy skin without any stickiness, making it bright without darkening.
  • Moist moisture base: Contains mineral water to moisturize dry skin.

Suggest Use

  1. Open the lid sticker, remove it.
  2. Apply the right amount to the puff at the foundation makeup stage.
  3. In foundation makeup stage, put the contents on the puff and let it absorb all over your face.
  4. If necessary, apply it occasionally.
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