Taisho Stomatitis Patch 10 Patches

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Product Introduction:
Stomatitis patch Taisho A is the "stick" stomatitis, tongue flame treatment of the patch type.

Tightly cover the affected area from the stimulus, the active ingredient does not flow in the saliva, in order to have adhesion with excellent in the oral cavity, allows effective treatment.

Blended Shikonekisu and glycyrrhetinic acid extracted from purple roots nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

With suppress inflammation, prompting the granuloma formation, and accelerate the healing of the wound.

Thickness of the patch, 0.1mm. Put even though is thin do not mind.

Symptoms / Effects:
Stomatitis, glossitis

Recommended Dosage:
One once the affected area, 1 to 4 times per day, please be used by adhering to the affected area mucous membranes. This drug, please do not use the less than 5-year-old infants.

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