Tunemakers Moisturizing Serum

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A serum that mixes the skin's original moisturizing ingredients and provides intensive care for loose skin. An undiluted solution for dry and fluctuating skin made by mixing undiluted solutions. Thoroughly care for dry and fluctuating skin, for healthy skin full of moisture.

Prepare a moist environment for the stratum corneum, intensively care for fluctuating skin, and prepare healthy skin.

Developers who are most familiar with the features of Tune Maker's stock solution select five stock solutions for dry and fluctuating skin and formulate them with their own moisturizing repair ratio.

Three elements that store moisture in the stratum corneum:

1.Intercellular lipid (main component: ceramide)

2.Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) (main component: amino acid)

3.Sebum film (squalene)

Ceramide [5]: Amino acid [3]: Squalane [2]: Macadamia nut oil [1]: Hyaluronic acid [1]

Penetrates every corner of the skin, realizing moisture. When used when your skin condition is bad, use it to make your skin moisturized with haste. Smoothly fits and moisturizes skin. But it is not sticky. Simple design of "stock solution that reaches skin directly" and "weakly acidic water as skin".

No fragrance, no color, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no petroleum surfactant


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