Yamamoto Kampo Barley Leaf + Probiotics 30pcs

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Barley grass popular in FK-23 shares plus lactic acid bacteria! Support the oligosaccharide enhances the activity of lactic acid bacteria, so obsessed with hungry environment in triple balance synergy health! This product is in a normal diet, 1-2 1, standard breakfast. May be because this product is a food always served us. About 100 cc of milk, soy milk or water into 1 package (4 g), by spoon or muddler quickly, stir well and enjoy. In addition, in the Shaker, shake, and becomes even tastier. No Shaker would take a wide-mouth plastic bottles. Close the CAP during use, please be aware.

Keep frequenting use with hot water. Green and yellow vegetables, dietary fiber, and many more who want to take 1 capsule 2-3 (8 g-12 g) served.

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