Yamamoto Kanpo Pharmaceutical Fluid Tea 10g x 24

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Diet Tea Bag for Weight Loss:
Excellent tea bags for digestion helps maintain the health of your liver and kidney functions. It’s effective to lower the blood sugar level & blood pressure, reduce fat absorption, enhance immune system and anti-aging

100% Organic Herb Formula:
The weight control tea includes eucommia, beau bourg grass, barley, brown rice, tea, beans, tomorrow leaf, mulberry leaf, Gymnema leaf, green tea extract, and kelp. It works perfectly as weight loss tea bags for women and men that work fast

Japanese Detox Tea Bag for Weight Control and Belly Fat:
With various herbs, the detox cleanse tea bag can reduce the absorption of sugar and fat accumulation. The digestive tea herbal bags made in Japan is effective for people to lose weight

Fat Cleanse Tea Bag from Japan:
With the mixture of 11 herbs and special tea bag design, the loose tea bags taste like the barley tea. The calorie of the weight control tea bag consumed equals to 73 minutes of walk, 34 minutes of running, 27 minutes of rope jumping, or 59 minutes of dancing

How to use:
1. Hot Tea: Put the tea bag in a cup and pour in 500 to 700cc hot water. Let it in for 5 minutes and take the bag out.
2. Cold Tea: Put the tea bag in the cold water and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes in the fridge

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